2024 Norwalk Seaport Association Sunset Cruise

Embark on the Seaport’s renowned Sunset Cruise, meandering through the historic outer Norwalk Harbor while the Captain’s Mate regales passengers with tales of bygone merchants and sailors who traversed these waters for centuries. Discover the intertwined legacies of Native Americans, English settlers, and captains of industry, whose exploits shaped Norwalk’s maritime heritage. This narrative not only offers a fresh perspective on Norwalk’s past but also underscores the enduring significance of its picturesque harbor.

As the vessel ventures into Long Island Sound, passengers are treated to panoramic views of Norwalk’s islands and the stately homes adorning them. Passing by three storied lighthouses—Peck Ledge, Green Ledge, and the iconic Sheffield Island Lighthouse—guests marvel at their architectural splendor. Among them, the Sheffield Island Lighthouse stands as a pristine example of Victorian stone masonry, while Green Ledge and Peck Ledge showcase the rare spark plug lighthouse design, a testament to maritime history. Witnessing these historic landmarks bathed in the glow of the setting sun is an enchanting experience.

With safety ensured aboard the vessel owned by the Norwalk Seaport Association, guests are free to indulge in refreshments and revelry during the cruise, as alcoholic beverages and snacks are permitted. Just remember to bring along plastic cups and openers for added convenience!


Location: 70 Water Street, Norwalk, CT


2024 Sunset Cruise Norwalk Seaport Association